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Endings & Beginnings

It has been a struggle, from the very inception of the idea for Personal Health Cloud more than eight years ago.

It's too early. If Google failed, how can you think you could succeed? You have no industry experience. You're an over-50. female, non-technical founder. The technology isn't there yet. "It's a big problem. somebody's going to solve it." On and on and on.

Yet, the hundreds of people with whom I had conversations universally responded positively, asking how soon PHC would be launching, because they needed it...for diverse reasons, all genuine and real.

So, I kept pushing the boulder up the mountain even when friends encouraged me to give it up.

However, with Apple's announcement last week, not to mention Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway's announcement today, it is clear that yes, somebody else is working to solve the big problems of interoperability, patient matching, and patient identity integrity. To say I have mixed feelings would be an understatement. I'm celebrating these victories for healthcare consumers, but it's bittersweet that Personal Health Cloud has no role.

It is clear that this little guy has been outpaced...for the good of all of us. Let's hope the big guys will keep us in mind and enable us to proactively manage our health and health data.

Stick a fork in us. We are done.

Peace out.

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